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    Quote Originally Posted by Truman Burbank View Post
    NSM didn't have "Final Issue" on the solicit, so there may still be hope. Or maybe something happens with the Justice League of China, and that's how things go forward. But I've got to think there's some sort of future for that world - DC is not going to cut ties with Gene Yang unless they have to.
    While it's been a great book, the sales just aren't there so I can see it ending at 18(which honestly I'm happy it made it that far). Doesn't seem like they are just going to throw Kenan into limbo though, I wouldn't be surprised if they relaunched the book with a new name and status quo or end it and announce a follow up mini series like what happened with Midnighter. Personally I'd love it if we could get an anthology book for Kenan/Lana/Kara/whoever else.

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    Everyone's been digging deep into these solicitations.

    All I'm thinking is "Whoo Avery/Flash is sitting on Kenan's arm!" which I know means nothing much but I tend to flip between shipping him with Avery or MingMing (who similarly seems to be getting a push to be his gf) so I find it really cute.

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