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    Default The Combiner Henchmen Game

    Here's an idea: take any TWO generic henchmen. The goal: combine them into a single character that would be a formidable 1-on-1 opponent.

    Henchmen here is loosely defined as any generic and mostly nameless grunt, mook, drone, flunkie, etc. in the service of some villain or organization, for example Stormtroopers, Putties, Foot Soldiers, Hand Ninjas, Hydra agents, Parademons, Cybermen, Cobra troops, the Crazy 88, Zaku mobile suits from Gundam, and many more. I'll allow mass produced robots as well, as long as they're mass produced from the same template (i.e. Ultron drones from Age of Ultron).

    The combined henchman can get the standard gear, vehicles, and powers if applicable of both parts, and these can be combined. Star Trek/X-Men once combined the body of a Sentinel with the tech of a Borg Drone, creating a Borg-Sentinel hybrid that could adapt even quicker to any attack.

    This isn't a competition, so feel free to mix and match without trying to come up with the "most powerful," though you're more than welcome to try as well. Ultimately, the more creative the combination, the better.

    Bonus: Name your creation!
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    A Parademon + A Nameless One?

    Oooh, A Nameless One Hand Ninja! A Handleless One.
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