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    Default Your favourite dc series?

    What is your favourite dc series?
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    A series that never fails to entertain me and make me happy is 52. From start to finish it is just phenomenal. I am also a big fan of Hawkworld and Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol
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    Comics or animated series or tv series?

    Comics- Super Sons. Just a fun overall series that really should have its own animated series.Could really use someone from the Wonder Woman family though...

    Animated- Young Justice. An overall great series, and Greg Weisman once again made a masterpiece (he also created Gargoyles back in the 1990s).

    TV- 1960s Batman series. Part nostalgia, part just a fun series to watch, even as a kid. Adam West showed that Batman didn't need to be a brooding jerk all the time.

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    DC SPECIAL SERIES was a pretty special DC series. It was in just about every format imaginable at the time. From Mike's Amazing World:

    DC Special Series #1 Five Star Super-Hero (80pgs $1) 1977 1977-06-16
    DC Special Series #2 Swamp Thing (48pgs 60) 1977 1977-06-23
    DC Special Series #3 Sgt. Rock (48pgs 60) 1977 1977-07-14
    DC Special Series #4 Unexpected (48pgs 60) 1977 1977-07-28
    DC Special Series #5 Superman (80pgs $1) 1977 1977-08-02
    DC Special Series #6 Secret Society (48pgs 60) 1977 1977-08-30
    DC Special Series #7 Ghosts (48pgs 60) 1977 1977-09-27
    DC Special Series #8 Brave and the Bold (48pgs 60) 1978 1977-11-03
    DC Special Series #9 Wonder Woman (80pgs $1) 1978 1977-12-13
    DC Special Series #10 Secret Origins (48pgs 60) 1978 1978-01-31
    DC Special Series #11 Flash (80pgs $1) 1978 1978-02-21
    DC Special Series #12 Haunted House (48pgs 60) Spring 1978 1978-03-30
    DC Special Series #13 Sgt. Rock (80pgs $1) Spring 1978 1978-04-11
    DC Special Series #14 Swamp Thing (48pgs 60) Summer 1978 1978-05-02
    DC Special Series #15 Batman (64pgs $1) Summer 1978 1978-07-27
    DC Special Series #16 Jonah Hex (64pgs $1) Fall 1978 1978-08-17
    DC Special Series #17 Swamp Thing (64pgs $1) Summer 1979 1979-05-24
    DC Special Series #18 Sgt. Rock (Digest 95) Fall 1979 1979-07-05
    DC Special Series #19 Secret Origins (Digest 95) Fall 1979 1979-07-05
    DC Special Series #20 Swamp Thing (64pgs $1) Jan/Feb 1980 1979-10-11
    DC Special Series #21 Super Star Holiday (64pgs $1) Spring 1980 1979-12-06
    DC Special Series #22 G.I. Combat (64pgs $1) September 1980 1980-06-19
    DC Special Series #23 World's Finest (Digest 75) February 1981 1980-11-25
    DC Special Series #24 Flash (Digest 75) February 1981 1980-11-25
    DC Special Series #25 Superman II (Tabloid $2.95) Summer 1981 1981-06-18
    DC Special Series #26 Superman's Fortress (Tabloid $2.50) Summer 1981 1981-06-18
    DC Special Series #27 Batman/Hulk (Tabloid $2.50) Fall 1981 1981-09-24

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    Batgirl Vol 1 (#1-#73), starring Cassandra Cain, with the first run (#1-#37) being overall the best, but with plenty of other brilliant issues mixed into the rest. I love this series with all my heart and more.

    Runner-Ups include: Peter David and Todd Nauck's Young Justice, The entirety of the Reboot Legion era, Impulse , Booster Gold Vol.2, Simone's Secret Six, Giffen/DeMattes' JLI/JLA, Anarky Vol 1, and the 1999-2006 JSA.

    MANY other series I love as well, but this is the cream of the crop for me.
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    Currently? - Aquaman
    All time favourite? - Flash Vol. 2 from Messner Loeb's first issue right up until Johns' final issue. From there it went down the shitter pretty quickly.
    Others are: Grant Morrison's JLA run, Peter David's Aquaman, Mike Grell's Green Arrow, Gail Simone's Secret Six, Geoff Johns' Booster Gold, Ron Marz's Green Lantern and Beau Smith on Guy Gardner.
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    Current Favorite: Super Sons and Superman
    All Time Favorites: Batman and Robin both series pre-52 and New 52, Jonah Hex by Palmiotti and Dustin Gray, Booster Gold, and Birds of Prey by Dixon and Simone, finally Nightwing by Dixon, and Stephanie Brown's Batgirl series.

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    Justice League International. Five years of shameless fun.
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    From animated side: Superman TAS, Batman TAS, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

    From books: i am a pretty new reader. I haven't got my hands on older runs. The ones i am trying have just about begun. Can't say about those.

    From new ones: Superman, Action Comics, Super Sons. Can't say which of the three is my favorite. I will say all three.

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    The Black Mirror is my favorite arc, but series? It'll have to be Geoff Johns' Green Lantern; I know that's a cliche at this point, but it was the first series I completed start to finish.

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    Ostrander's Suicide Squad
    Ed Brubaker's/Greg Rucka's Gotham Central
    Gail Simone's Secret Six (Vol.1)
    Palmiotti/Gray's Jonah Hex

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    Right now: Mister Miracle
    All time: Final Crisis or Geoff Johns' entire Green Lantern run. Both were phenomenal.
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    right now: super Sons and Superman

    All time: Grant Morrison Batman comics

    Honorable mention: Darwyn Cooke comics, Paul Dini Comics, Hellblazer when it was at Vertigo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kelly View Post
    DC SPECIAL SERIES was a pretty special DC series. It was in just about every format imaginable at the time. From Mike's Amazing World:
    Thats indeed a great series, still have a lot of them and was lucky to get them as they were hard to get in the UK.

    Another great series, not to get mixed up with yours, was DC Special... First time I read any Gil Kane Green Lantern was in the reprints in these.

    Also the Wanted series in the early 70s did some great reprints of Golden Age and early Silver Age stories.

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    Current comics?

    Tom King's Batman
    Tom King's Mister Miracle

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