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    That issue was part of issue 8 of the American edition, with other stories as backups (the UK title was weekly).

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    Strange Tales #105 Feb 1963
    "The Return of the Wizard!"
    In prison, the Wizard is allowed to work in the prison hospital due to his good behavior.
    However this plays into the Wizard's plan as he collects a series of chemicals that allow him to melt a hole in his jail cell and escape from prison.

    When he hears news of the Wizard's escape, Johnny wants to go after him but his sister Sue won't let him.
    Johnny creates a duplicate Torch out of flame to trick his sister while he goes after his old foe.
    Johnny is able to easily fight off the Wizard's weapons.
    Realizing what Johnny has done, Sue goes after him and ends up getting captured by the Wizard, and Johnny is also captured shortly after.

    The two work together and free themselves from the Wizard's trap and capture him, and take him back into custody.
    Later Sue scolds Johnny for going off on his own.

    Plot by Stan Lee, script by Larry Lieber, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers.
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