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As we saw from JL's first trailers/teasers, Snyder added humor to the movie. And I found it better than Whedon's "thirsty Lois", "anal-probe" and Flash falling on Diana's boobs. I'm no Snyder fanboy, I hated BvS, but Whedon's JL is another kind of bad movie.
I'm not Snyder fanboy either, but I like some of his movies, including BvS and I love MOS. Both movies have flaws, IMO, but I still like them for their stories and for taking Superman seriously. I think all the Superman movies, including Donner have flaws and things I dislike, but I still like them as a whole. I even find things to like in Superman 4.. Those jokes in JL were in poor taste, but it doesn't ruin the movie for me just like Otis doesn't ruin Superman The Movie for me either and some other stuff.