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    My second thoughts from another thread

    Now that I'm thinking about it...if he can get DC to push their diverse characters more and bring them back from their 5 year hiatus or little background appearances from the new 52 then I'm ready to see him join. But he needs to stop his foolery after this deal.

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    Somebody tell the guys at The Outhousers to reset that counter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    Well, I'm not as diehard a Marvel fan as I am a DC one so I might be a little off here, but.....

    His older street level stuff people liked back in the day and still enjoy; Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man, Jessica Jones......

    But he doesn't seem to do very well with high concept properties. I think the hate for him really started when he took over the Avengers and did this whole thing with Norman Osborn running the group like a more publicity-friendly Suicide Squad. And then he spent a few years on the X-books and brought the original roster, still as teenagers, into the present day.

    I think the problem with Bendis is sort of like the problem with Johns; they did amazing stuff when they were starting out, but as they rose higher in the company they got free reign to do what they wanted without editorial to rein them in that allowed some bad habits and bad ideas to bleed through, often in excess and with universe-wide ramifications you couldn't easily ignore.

    He's the new guy at DC but he's still Bendis, still a big name. Hopefully he treads carefully and we get some great work out of him. He's certainly capable.

    I think itd be funny if he ended up in Dark Matter. The line that is largely a DC analogue for a bunch of Marvel properties.
    Oh dear, what stands out to me is the teenage X-Men roster. I hate ideas like that and I'd hate to see stuff like that happen in the DCU.

    If his time that shined was with Ultimate Spider-Man though, I'd knock on DC's door for the thousandth time and tell them to do a new Earth-(insert number here) with younger versions of the heroes and do a New 52-like thing only this time actually be able to do it full tilt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwangung View Post
    Wonder Woman could be a landing spot.....
    He doesn't like wonder woman. I could see him on Bat-tiles, maybe even green arrow. As long as he stays away from superman, and blue beetle, or anything space related. It'll be fine.

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    I haven't read much of Bendis except for Goldfish, Jinx, and Alias. I guess the consensu is, he's great for street level guys, but butt for cosmic events or "super" heroes!
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    Sorry DC.

    Please don't put him on a team book.


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    Wow this is a huge coup for DC. I think Ike Perlmutter's tight-fisted approach at Marvel is seriously hurting everything that's not movies now, with A-list artists and writers jumping ship to the competition, tv shows like Inhumans being laughed at and animation that looks like it's straight from the 80s. Which is ridiculous considering that Marvel could spend more now that it's part of a giant corporation instead of penny-pinching.

    Regarding Bendis, I can't say this is entirely surprising: you don't go from being Marvel's head writer, with your hands on their major comics franchises as well as movies and video games, to writing a handful of mid-selling books mostly featuring your own creations. I'm sure Bendis looked at Geoff Johns' career and thought "F@#k you, Disney".

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    Hope he's happy in new job.
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    Iím actually kind of excited about this. Iíve liked parts of his Invincible Iron Man and his Ultimate Spider-Man is really well received. Iíd actually imagine him on something Green Lantern or Flash related. Maybe we can finally get that OG Wally West solo.
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    Please don't let him disassemble the Justice League, unless of course, the only members he gets rid of are Cyborg, Simon Baz, Lobo, and Ryan Choi and replaces them with Hal Jordan, Black Lightning, Dr. Light, and Zatanna.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rise View Post
    This is a terrible news.

    But I'm surprised that he left Marvel and wonder what actually happened?
    this is great news for DC because Bendis at his best is a very great writer... honestly DC might become Number one for a long time

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    This is dark day, indeed and pretty terrible news.

    Bendis was one of the primary people that ruined the Marvel Universe and so many of it's characters for me. I really, really, really hate his writing.

    As someone who pretty much only buys DC's street level heroes, this just sucks.

    Can't freaking wait for him to ruin Green Arrow or Nightwing.

    Seriously bummed out about this.
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    No! Not Bendis!

    DC, don't let him touch my boy Dick Grayson.

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    New The Question solo ongoing

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