The question's worth revisiting with "Go Down Swinging" hyped as Slott's last story.

And there are two ways of measuring impact.

One would be looking at narrative elements that pop up again in the comics and other adaptations.

Then there would be the question of what stories are considered particularly good/ fan-favorites. My guesses would be Spider Island, No One Dies, the Superior Spider-Man saga in some form, and Unscheduled Stop, although beyond that, I don't know the extent to which a consensus might arise on any of these stories. We do have a growing nicheification in society even within niches of niche hobbies (IE- being a fan of Spider-Man comics within the larger comic fan community) so you might have people who don't like Amazing Spider-Man who really enjoy Renew Your Vows, and people who didn't care for Peter Parker who like Spider-Gwen, Silk or Miles Morales. There might not be consensus picks, even if more people really like stories from the era.