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    Default Doctor Who Titan Titles

    Does anyone pick up any of the Doctor Who comics from Titan and if so which ones and do you enjoy them?
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    They can be split up into Doctor ranges, and then by Year. Titan started out with Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and Twelfth Doctor, the first Year was fifteen or so issues each. Like the Doctor Who Magazine comics they had a story arc going between the individual storylines. I can personally recommend the Weeping Angels of Mons storyline in the Tenth Doctor Year 1 run.

    Year 2 was similar, but the Eleventh Doctor run was more of an ongoing story involving River Song and the Time War. The Twelfth Doctor run was a bit different, as the last four or five issues were after Clara left but before Bill began, leaving Twelve with a few short-term original companions. Year 3, again similar.

    The Ninth Doctor was initially a mini-series, Weapons of Past Destruction, before getting an ongoing run with Rose and Captain Jack. Other mini-series have included the Eighth Doctor (with new companion Josie Day), Fourth Doctor (with Sarah) and Third Doctor (with Jo Grant and UNIT). A Seventh Doctor mini-series was teased earlier this year at a convention, but there's been no news on companion, story or creative team since then.

    Events are The Four Doctors, Supremacy of the Cybermen and the recently completed Lost Dimension. Four Doctors and Supremacy were five issue mini-series with Doctors 10-12 and 9-12 respectively. Lost Dimension was different in that while it started and ended with special issues, along with a couple of other specials in between, the other four issues were from the ongoing Doctor Who titles at the time, thus focusing on those Doctor and companion sets. Four Doctors is the best of the three IMO. Lost Dimension is ranked second place, but I felt it had too many issues (which is ironic considering my main complaint about the worst). Supremacy of the Cybermen had four different storylines that don't interact squeezed into five issues (so you had four or five pages at best with each storyline each issue) with notorious release delays and poor art.

    There's also the Ghost Stories mini-series, which features the Twelfth Doctor, Grant, Lucy and an older Jennifer from last year's Christmas special.

    Torchwood has just started the third mini-series. Personally I'm not a fan of the Torchwood titles, and I'm a huge Torchwood fan. They're basically a follow-up to the Torchwood novel The Exodus Code from four or five years ago, written by John Barrowman and his sister. That's not mentioned until the Previously On in issue 1, and issue 1 is a poor jumping on point.

    When Year 3 wraps up Titan will be taking a break for several months to tighten their titles, so that someone could conceivably afford everything.

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