I'm having a sort of Last Day of the 50th Year trip down memory lane via YouTube video offerings.

Found this hilarious skit on YouTube.

For anyone who loved Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.....and his passion for shooting the bad guys.

Another Youtube:
All about the Doctor's family/background taken from bits of canon scenes. (Also love the background Traditional Andean music!)

Hmm.... He was born an Outsider living outside the Time Lord citiies (Invasion of Time/Listen) suffered a scandal that got him 'kicked out'.

Could he have stolen the Tardis because they were kicking him out? As a non-Time Lord, he'd have been stuck on just Gallifrey....maybe with only the opportunities of becoming a farmer or a soldier. ("Imagine me in a house...")

What could the scandal have been?
Personally, I liked the idea of his being 'half human', but modern Who seems determined to steer away from that. So what if it was a step downward.... Maybe his child was the one half human and it was the revelation that he'd had a child with an alien that caused the scandal? Or maybe not him, but his 'brother' who did the scandal and it was guilt via familial ties? Susan would then have been also part 'alien' and thus 'compromised' in getting ahead in Time Lord society so he took her along as well.

Any radio story or novelization that ventured into this territory?

The problem with loving Doctor Who is that you both want to know and yet not have the mysteries revealed.