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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalfrea View Post
    Which makes it all the more infuriating when there are those folks who quit the show because they can't stand the personality of the new Doctor and want the previous one back.

    If they really like the show, shouldn't they know to accept the new Doctor since personality change and regens are an integral part of the show?
    The only ones I didn't like were the really in-your-face arrogant ones. One at times, but Six mostly. Other than that I've loved them all though with favorites. More likely to get frustrated with companions than Doctors.

    So any news on when they start/started filming Season 9? I've been otherwise occupied of late.
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    I can imagine for those who carried over from Peter Davison-Colin Baker, but I'm mostly talking about New Who when it comes to the trio of David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi.

    Which is why I like to think that Moffat putting in that bit in Deep Breath about the Doctor not being a romantic is a big middle finger to those folks who won't carry on with Capaldi because "he's not a hearthrob".

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