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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroBG82 View Post
    Or Netflix wants to pay less, yes. Though there are also rumors that the Beeb may be starting up their own streaming service (think HBO Now), and wants their crown jewel front and center when it rolls out.
    Of course, it always come down to the $$$
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    classic series wise, Netflix does still carry most of the DVDs in their physical media service (Although they don't have many of the special edition re-releases from a few years back). In many ways the DVDs are better than Netflix and Hulu's streams anyway, as they were mostly worked on by restoration teams (I think the streams are mainly taken from broadcast stuff given to Lionheart).

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    The HULU selection of old and new Who was the best honestly. Maybe a few stories wasn't on there , but overall there was a lot of good classic stories. BBC fucked up clearly. They charge 3x the price of normal DVD season sets for basically a few episodes each DVD. Does anyone expect those idiots to not try and price a streaming service 2-3x the price of netflix and Hulu ?
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