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    Quote Originally Posted by El_Gato View Post
    It was not easy eliminating any of the Fab5 or YJ4, I'll tell you that. Tempest, Superboy amd Arsenal put up a fight lol
    As it should be

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    This was a fun game. Thanks El Gato. This is my first elimination game but it seemed pretty intense.

    I guess a lot of people are really passionate about these characters. I know I love them. I actually like them even more than their mentors.

    Wally I obviously like way more than Barry. I like Nightwing better than Batman. Donna over Diana. I don't really care for Arsenal but I still like him more than Green Arrow whom I just find obnoxious. The only Mentor who might beat the second generation for me is Aquaman over Tempest. But I'm not sure. Its pretty close. But I think over all I do prefer the second generation over the first.

    Anyways I'm glad I was able to play this game and thanks again for starting it.

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