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    Quote Originally Posted by Star_Jammer View Post
    You're right. I think you have a very narrow view of what is visually stunning. You like what you like, and that's fine; but I think if you were open to other things, you might enjoy more things.


    But it's probably not best to start a discussion by telling someone that they're wrong in their opinion of what is visually stunning.
    Perhaps I do or perhaps you have too broad a view. And I am open to other things because I just told you that my favorite film is Usual Suspects which isn't visually stunning at all. Are you even reading my posts?

    Furthermore, I never told anyone that they were wrong in their opinion. I expressed my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by remydat View Post
    Don't know, their powers are not all that visually stunning or diverse compared to the X-men save Torch and the galactic angle is taken by GotG who have 2 kid friendly characters in Rocket and Groot.

    So hard to imagine where they carve out a niche for their own film although if anyone can do it then its Marvel. I think they may go the Hulk route and have them be supporting chracters. Or if they do get their own film, I think X-men or Avengers will have to appear to boost it.
    I literally started off by saying don't know which is an indication I am not claiming fact but merely sharing my personal opinion. I also literally said that if anyone can do it Marvel can which is an indication that I accept that perhaps they may have more imagination than I do.

    Throughout this entire exchange I have told you and others that you are free to disagree with me. So you are confused. Just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean that yours is wrong. It just means we have different opinions. I don't know why people simply assume that if someone doesn't agree with them, it must mean one is right and one is wrong but I sure as hell never claimed that.
    It's hard for me to listen to someone not in my position. A caterpillar can't relate to what an eagle envisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerridwen View Post
    I just want Daniel Day Lewis to play Magneto
    To bad hes retiring from acting....

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