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    The Brickhouse diner in Brick City was one of the city's oldest establishments and was said to be the first restaurant built on these lands. This factoid wasn't anything Charco had learned, but rather it was hard not to know considering it was written on the walls amidst the colorful murals painted by various artists throughout the years. Despite the outer appearance of the diner reflecting the conservative values of the city, the Brickhouse diner had always been more for the artsy types and while he probably couldn't paint a fence to save his life, he appreciated the atmosphere it gave. It didn't remind him of the troubles the city had given him throughout the years.

    To be fair, things were improving, although in extremely minute ways. Roughly three and half months since Fife's defeat, his parents had called him, asking to meet him and while the meeting was still tense, they appeared to have made some leeway for the next time they met. He was still disappointed that the real reason they called him over was that he had received some mail from a strange figure. They never told him what was so strange about the messenger, but it was enough for them to be visibly spooked.
    The music playing from the jukebox changed to a different genre, the first song featuring the tired voice of a weathered man singing a dark ballad. Although it wasn't something he generally listened to, his communicator was on life support, plugged into a nearby outlet. Charco figured it was time for him to finally look at the piece of mail he had ultimately come into town for. The envelope it came in was dirty and grimy as if it had been dropped in the mud, dirt, and sand constantly before being wiped "clean". It tore upon the slightest touch, revealing a book bound in dark, rough leather. Opening it confirmed his suspicions; it was written by Jorg Fourmen. Unlike the other books, notes, and tomes authored by the man, this one was completely different. It wasn't about techniques or philosophies, but rather it was a simple journal that he had started fairly recently, but had managed to accumulate enough material that it completely filled the book.

    They told me Gris Gris Bayou was an evil place, devoid of nothing but blood and sin. I was skeptical at first, but now I find my sentiments towards these vile lands mirrors what was I told. My instincts tell me to run and never look back, but I know I cannot leave this be. This place must be cleansed and the monsters that dwell within must be put down. Only then can those lost here truly find peace...
    The door opened, setting off the whimsical wind chimes that lined the threshold with the jingle of metal and glass. The newcomers spoke and laughed loudly and much to Charco's displeasure, he recognized the voices. Unfortunately, they also recognized him.

    "Well, well, well..." Declared one of them, whom he knew as the loudmouth Limon. They had had some confrontations before, yet it seemed that Limon had never learned his lesson, as demonstrated as he slid into the booth seat across from Charco, "If it isn't our old friend, Charco. Where ya been, buddy? We haven't seen you at school and word on the street was that you finally got arrested." That annoying, shit-eating grin crossed Limon's face.

    "Hey man, you sure you wanna do this?" Came the cautious words of Limon's friend, Tajin, who stood a respectable distance from the booth with his girlfriend, Chile. Both had seen the results before, yet there was little they could do to keep their friend from doing what he was doing; it was like he was a moth who kept approaching the flame.

    "Oh... I get it. He was featured at the World Tournament, oh what a badass," Limon said, mockingly acting as if he were shaking in fear, "Oh please! Am I supposed to be afraid of some dropout who can't even read? Heh, seems like the only thing he's good for is being the bodyguard for that slut Hibachi--?!" His words were silenced as Charco seized him by his chin. Standing up, he forced the other one up to his feet before effortlessly lifting him off the floor.

    "You never learn..." Charco said, doing his best to keep himself under control. Limon knew better than to bring up Hibachi, but the punk couldn't help but try and get a rise from him. "Whoa! Calm down, you know Limon likes to talk shit, but he doesn't mean to!" Tajin said, going into damage control mode. Charco glanced back to him before looking back to his captive, "You know, I've been holding back against you for a long, long time. Today, I'm gonna correct this." Tightening his grip, he could feel Limon's lower jaw reach the breaking point before it collapsed under the force, prompting a muffled scream and trickles of blood seeping down his hand from between his fingers. Dropping him, Charco turned to Tajin and Chile, both of which could only look on in horror at their friend's ruined mouth. Collecting his things, he stepped outside as the staff within quickly called for emergency services.

    "Shit..." Charco muttered to himself. He didn't want to stir any more trouble, but he had ended up losing his temper and no doubt the police were going to become involved in this soon enough. Glancing to Jorg's journal, he sighed, "Well, looks like I'm headed to this Gris Gris Bayou..." Climbing onto his motorcycle, he sped off toward the highway.


    Meanwhile, many miles away, there was a land in which the sun could not shine upon. Obscured by the tangled treetops, the murky waters of the swamp were pitch black, save for the lights that were reflected off of its surface by a transversing pontoon boat. Dirty lanterns were held by hood figures wearing makeshift robes of burlap and rope with symbols crudely stitched across every available surface. Coming to a stop, one of the figures crouched down toward the center of the boat, where a child, barely a pre-teen, lay bound and gagged.

    "We give praise... and offer upon you our sacrifice..." The figure, a man said, his voice raspy and nasally and he hoisted the child up into the air. "May the blood of this child quell your anger for another night so perhaps we may earn your forgiveness..." Tossing the child into the dark waters, muffled cries and splashing filled the air as the victim thrashed against the water, yet it would soon be over as something seized their sacrifice, dragging the child beneath the dark depths of the swamp.

    DRAGONBALL M, Special Chapter
    Dead Depths
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