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Sarada smirked. She was having so much fun! So much that she regretted not jumping into the grappling contest between Ochazuke and the Arcosian. Of course, this was enough combat to sate her for the moment, but there was no such thing as too much fighting in one day.

She and Jack were even. Those were the best. It wasn't much fun to stomp someone weaker than her into the dirt. Unless that person was being a dick, then she was going to take her time doing it and enjoy every second of it. So far, Jack hadn't been a dick, so he was okay.

"Lose, will I?" she shouted across the distance between them. "We'll see about that." She had to be careful. Jack was a sneaky one and had already proven that not everything was what it seemed when it came to him.

Hm. Alright.

She dashed toward him again. When she closed enough distance, she seemed to disappear again, just as she did before. However, instead of reappearing elsewhere and leaving behind an afterimage -- like she hoped he figured she would -- she appeared in front of him, fist flying toward his face.
The attack got Jack off guard, as he had been expecting another fakeout. Sarada's fist cracked him in the cheek hard enough he could taste a bit of blood on the inside of his mouth where his check had cut on the surface of his teeth. It turned his head enough that Jack sword he could see directly behind him for a second. He grinned.

Using his opposite hand he grabbed at Sarada's extended wrist in order to place her in joint lock, with his hands at her wrist and shoulder, pulling down, with his neck and back as a fulcrum.

Careful now, I don't actually want to break anything, especially if we'll be fighting together in a few days.