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    one of the better films released int he last few years

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    I felt it was very mediocre. Not really exciting or fun and all the jokes fell flat. A decent Deadshot story but no one else really fared well. Harley came off as a one note character. Basically as if the person who wrote her part knew nothing of the character other than her Hot Topic merchandise. Bronze Tiger was ok. Didn’t really like him as “the religious guy”.

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    I thought it utilized its cast far better than other Squad films.

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    I've been reading the tie-in comics for this, and that got me to finally watch the film. It was reasonably fun, but it felt like they were a bit too kill-happy. Though that could just be my unfamiliarity with classic Suicide Squad, where they actually do kill people. Still, the people they kill off in this one seem pretty big names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic Black View Post
    I really don't see the big deal about a skinny Amanda Waller. Waller isn't someone to mess with. Whether she's fat or skinny.
    Because Amanda Waller was one of the few comic book characters that represented a diversity of body types. People don't want to only see skinny pretty people represented in media.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Her VA sounds like a younger CCH Pounder. I wonder if that was deliberate...
    Her voice actor is Vanessa Williams. She just sounds like that.
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