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    Quote Originally Posted by ElliotJA View Post
    I'd be overjoyed if they placed Conan back in 616's prehistory and revisited the old continuity. If I recall, back when Marvel's black and white CONAN THE SAVAGE magazine was cancelled in the 1990s, there were a number of scripts which never saw the light of day. Now that Conan's back at Marvel, perhaps now would be a great opportunity to resurrect those story ideas? One would have seen Conan encounter the Hyborian Age version of Black Panther, that would be cool.

    And now Marvel can reprint those WHAT IF stories were Conan met Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine.
    I doubt they'd be allowed to do so. I'd be even more surprised if they'd be willing to do so. It just leads to trouble down the line when you can't reprint Avengers #1479 because Conan was in that and you no longer have that license.
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    Not expecting a revisit of the Savage Sword of Conan format, as the magazine format is pretty close to dead.

    Would like to see a King Conan (or Conan the King) comic along with Conan The Barbarian title.

    Have fond memories of Marc Silvestri on that title.

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    I'd love to see two titles emerge out of this. One an ongoing (maybe by Aaron) that tells one "continuing" story and a second an anthology by a variety of creators telling shorter done in one stories or single issue length stories to get a variety of writers and artists in on the game. I doubt the second will happen as anthologies are a tough sell in this marketplace, but for me Conan always worked better in the short story format than in longer form stories.

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