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King mentions that he would have drastically changed this story if he had known about the story it was similar to. He had some emotional beats he needed to get out and this framework seemed to work - that implies to me that the emotional beats are ones that could have come up without this storyline and therefore not really a product OF the storyline.

King references Death Takes a Holiday as being an inspiration for the story. I think if we assume Selina = Grazia and Batman = Death, then the emotional beat he might be trying to make could be related to the decision between seeking his own happiness (relationship with Selina, but potentially putting her at risk) or sacrifice it for the greater good (including keep her safe).

Where Wonder Woman comes into this, I don't know. She may be a sounding board, or may have perspective to offer from her relationships or reflect on the different ways people come to doing good things. I don't know Diana's relationship with Steve Trevor very well, but I understand that he is a heroic type person and that shouldering their common goals together eases the burden on both, but even if they weren't a couple they likely would face the same threats as allies. Together they both get happiness and extra protection. But Catwoman and Batman don't have the same starting motivations and Catwoman maybe would have been safer outside of his influence. Does she now stand by his side facing threats that he faces, that she otherwise would have not gotten involved in? He gets happiness and extra protection, she gets happiness and greater threats. This is a simplified way of looking at all these characters, but just a thought on how it could relate to Death takes a Holiday.
Death Takes a Holliday was remade into the Brad Pitt movie, "Meet Joe Black". WW might be the "father" character.

I think that BOTH Cat and Bat love Gotham but they look out for different groups in Gotham. Cat tends to look out after the more "street" people. Whereas Batman goes after the criminals. Over the years, they have had constant team ups so I don't think they don't have different common goals, the both want Gotham to be safe for the people. It's just that Batman does it by putting the bad guys away and Cat sometimes do it by stealing from the rich, the greedy, the ones in control. She doesn't take fake Cat statue from a poor family trying to have something "nice".

But when they come together, they are on the same page. So that's what keeps them centered, and that's what makes her different than all of his other female allies or exes, he sees Selina as a "partner". Not a Robin or a Batgirl, but a "partner".