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    Cable and Magneto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narasinha View Post
    Basically, what you are always saying is that Marvel is secretly soo much hating Storm that they will go to all the trouble to publish a shitty book, by a shitty artist, just to lower her.

    Reality check please!

    Marvel doesn't pickup shitty artists on purpose! You may not like them but that's not the case of everyone and Marvel certainly doesn't believe they are shitty artists!

    Marvel doesn't publish a bad book on purpose! They certainly don't do it just to annoy Storm's fans!

    Storm was leader in the flagship book EXM. Storm had her own solo not long ago. Storm is a main character is the current flagship book (Gold) and will continue to be!

    Storm is about just the only character that was never taken out of publication for any real amount of time or to whom nothing really bad ever happened. And no, that's not because she is a goddess that can do everything, whatever you think!

    FFS, stop crying that everything should resolve around Storm. That everything you don't like about how she is written or what is happening is done on purpose to belittle Storm. The whole world doesn't resolve around that fictional character even it you seem to believe otherwise!

    You seem to have a very personal idea about what Storm character is. That she is the best character ever created, that she is the strongest, that she can do everything, that she should be the focus of every book, that any feat done by another character is just an attempt to belittle her and steal what should rightfully be her. Get real! Such a character would be totally un-intersting and nobody would write, or read about her.

    A few posts above, you wrote that Jean was killed by Morrison because there was nothing more to write about her. Maybe you should consider why you believe that everything writen about Storm since a few years is soo bad? Maybe she has run her time (long ago) and that character should be rotated out of publications for a few years! And the reason that it is not happening has nothing to do with your belief that she is invincible and the strongest character in the universe!
    1) That is not what I am saying. Marvel is trying to publish good stories, but they are trying to prop up other characters (usually Jean, but now Jean and Kitty) at the expense of Ororo. I'm not advocating for Marvel to write Jean or Kitty badly, just write Storm as the tremendous character that she is. The problem is, when Storm is well-written, neither Jean or Kitty can compare with her. She overshadows them in terms of mutant power, strength of personality, leadership, presence, versatility in terms of skill set (thief, strategist, escape artist, statemanship, etc). Now, I want you to explain to me why for so many years the case was Storm's power levels and mental defenses against telepaths were drastically weakened whenever Jean was on the team and then would miraculously go up once Jean was taken out of the book and put on a different roster?

    2) I agree with you that Marvel does not intentionally try to pick terrible writers and artists, but that is not the point I am making. The point is there is a concerted effort to try and write Storm down for other characters. On the other hand, for Storm to shine, you can put her on a team with anybody and they don't have to be written to prop her up because she's just that good.

    3) Uh-huh, and how is Storm being written in Gold? Every issue she is written losing to foes far below her power levels and she's given just a few lines. The only time I have ever seen Storm being written worse than she is in Gold right now was when Dickey wrote her mini series a couple of years ago where he altered the first meeting between Ororo and T'challa to prop him up. Bar that, Guggenheim takes the cake on a horrendously written Ororo.

    4) Nobody is saying that everything should revolve around Ororo. I'm just saying write her well.

    5) Show me where I say feats done by other characters are done to belittle Storm? The only times I make such assertions are the instances where Storm is written down far below her best to prop somebody else up. That is the definition of PIS, by the way...and I ALWAYS have issues, scans, and feats to back my claims on this to show Storm at the levels I state her to be.

    6) Well, gee, why would I say that there are no more stories to tell about Jean? Then, right behind that, why would I say there are so many stories about Ororo left to be told? Okay, all snarkiness aside, lets look at the facts: Jean is the Plain Jane girl next door who happens to have TP and TK powers. There is nothing spectacular about that. Storm, on the other hand, is a decendant of a lineage going back to the dawn of human existence that predates even the Guardian, Roma. Women from her maternal bloodline were black women with white hair, blue eyes, and a strong potential for magic. Not only this, but Oshtur, one of the Vishanti, favors her maternal bloodline and she has even had sorceress supremes in her lineage. There is a lot to play with right there with Storm as she has ties to the mystical and the mythical. She could very easily add many of the kinds of foes one sees in Dr. Strange's rogue's gallery to her own as it would make sense that many malevolent immortal beings would have come up against Storm's ancestors in the past. These are foes that Storm should inherit.

    Moving forward. With Jean, we had the original Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga where the PF took a piece of Jean's soul and duplicated her physical body, memories, and personality and pretended to be her for a while. Afterwards, the PF then possessed her daughter from an alternate timeline. After this, there were countless attempts by writers to try and restore the PF to Jean and tons of stories pointing back to the whole Phoenix Force thing. It wasn't until Morrison that the editors finally allowed Jean to be possessed by the PF. Then they killer her off. A few years afterwards, we get the whole Jeen coming to the present from the 60s, and once more we get the whole Phoenix Force thing rehashed again not only in Jeen's solo title, but also in the Trial of Jean Grey story by Bendis. This whole Jean and Phoenix thing is tired.

    Other things that we have been repeatedly rehashed are stories about the Grey/Summer clan with their kids from the future and alternate timelines. Evil clones of Jean Grey and her kids. Duplicates of her kids from alternate realities. Jean has been married and in several love triangles (Scott/Jean/Logan and Emma/Scott/Jean). This love triangle concept was one that has been beaten to death for decades up till the point where she died. Now, getting back to the reason for this thread, they took a concept in X-Men Red makes more sense for Storm than any other X-character given Storm's previous canon (leader of the X-Men since the 80s, got the UN to sanction her own X-Treme X-Men team, ex-Queen of Wakanda which would only further her political ties) and gave it to Jean, to whom it made no sense at all especially in comparison to Ororo's history. Emma would have been a better choice than Jean for this role given Emma's history as a business woman of international standing and her position for years as White Queen of the Hellfire Club (which would give her access to politicians and the doner class from all over the world given there are international branches of the HFC).

    For Storm's benefit, she has ties to the criminal underground as shown in Uncanny X-Men 383. Heck, this has been a part of the character since she was a street urchin during her youth days in Cairo with Achmed el Gibar. A lot can be done to expand on this. She has held the attention of warlords and rulers across dimensions (Arkon, Dr. Doom, Loki, T'challa, Khan). She is an expert thief, escape artist, a superb H2H combattant, a brilliant stateswoman (she managed to convince the UN to sanction her team...and this was BEFORE she was even a queen)...and then, again, there is the whole ties to the mythical and the mystical from her mother's side of the family while she can get more down to Earth stories from her father's side of the family. On top of this, there is Storm's potential to wield unlimited power. Arguments can be made for a Full Potential Storm to be an omniversal power. Even at her current power levels, she was able to defeat thee beings who were the sum of all matter/life/energy for an entire reality's past, present, and future. Her powerset is to perceive the universe around her as patterns of energy and forces she can bend to her will, observe how those forces work with each other, and then replicate what she sees.

    So, yeah, as you can see, the foundation has been laid to tell countless exciting Storm stories, but Marvel has yet to scratch the surface of that rich treasure trove of tales because they are too busy trying to rehash old Phoenix Force stories and stories about evil clones of Jean and her children, or time travelling stories centered on the Grey/Summer clan which have been done to death, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somacula View Post
    Because its fun, not as fun as the liberal meltdown but close

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    Mystique would agree.

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