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    Default Old Marvel mail subs in original package

    Hi all, Over the years I've been handing these things out at Halloween if someone preferred a comic to candy, but probably gave away some good stuff. I never see anything like them on EBay so assume there's no market for them, but was wondering. I have a stack of Marvels from around '91-'92 still in the original Marvel direct mailers they used (no where near as stiff as what they use today). They're gonna end up on ebay along with most of the other stuff (including the bagged LCS copies of the same issues)in the basement, but I wasn't sure if there's any particular reason to keep them in the original packaging. Nothing amazing, some Uncanny, ASM, Thors, Hulk, Surfer and FF. I would get anxious waiting for the books to arrive in the mail so ended up just buying them at the LCS and they wouldn't get opened.

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    I had a subcription once from Marvel for their Transformers comic as it was impossible to find at drug stores and comic shops.

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