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    Quote Originally Posted by Rincewind View Post
    All solid choices. Throw in Crazy Magazine and I'll subscribe to your newsletter.
    Actually, I listed Crazy Magazine in my Original Post, but I'll throw in Sick Magazine from Charlton. It was derivative like pretty much anything Charlton published, but still worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avengers1986 View Post
    For DC

    Superman by Byrne (including Adventures of Superman and Action Comics issues)
    I've been dying for DC to at the very least release an OHC of Byrne's Man Of Steel mini-series with all the bells and whistles (sketches, original treatment, pencil art)

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    I remember reading years ago that DC is slow in reprinting some runs because they would have to pay royalties to the creators. I'm not sure what time period it covers or if they resolved it already. They are slow in releasing certain runs from the 80's. There's also the issue of demand. How many units of a collected Warlord would actually sell, and would it be worth paying to print it?

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    Since I already mentioned G.Age Capt Marvel, I hope we get GA Hawkman, Flash, Sandman, Aquaman, etc.
    Thank you America for voting for change.

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    Not sure what you'd call it, exactly, but a Greg Rucka Question/Batwoman omnibus including

    Huntress: Cry for Blood
    Question/Montoya/Batwoman parts of 52
    Batwoman from 'Tec (Elegy, Go, Cutter)
    Five Books of Blood
    FC: Revelations
    Question 37 (Blackest Night)
    Convergence: The Question

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