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    Default Cc 02265 meaning in price tab??

    Hello all, after a quick search, i guess i need some guidance.
    I have two #1 The Secret Defenders. One has the normal price tab and a box on bottom left corner that says 30th anniversary spiderman in it. The second comic in the price tan doesnt have the uk price but instead says cc 02265 and the box on bottom left has a normal upc scanbar in it. I can only find one when looking up prices. What is difference? Is it a second printing? Thanks for any help!

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    I have no idea what "cc 02265" means, but in the U.S., a comic from that era with a standard UPC means it was sold on newsstands, whereas the other would have come from a Direct Market comic shop.
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    the cc stands for Curtis Comics most likely, the company that handled MArvel's newsstand distribution for years. The number is probably a routing number or product ID number for Curtis to track sales and returns on the newsstand items.

    In the bronze age it looked like this

    with the Curtis Comics logo, and the number next to it under the issue number is their means of tracking the issue. If it looks different

    if this is the version you have...

    it's the same cc logo for Curtis Comics and the number is now in the same box, but it still only relevant to tracking the books for Curtis Comics.

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