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Thread: Oblivion Song

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    Default Oblivion Song

    Kirkman's newest comic hit the stands and it's pretty darn good. The first issues set up the bifurcated worlds the story takes place in and gives us a good sense of the characters.
    The art by De Felici is excellent, especially when he is showing us the alternative earth over run by weird creatures.
    I picked up the first issue just just to check it out, but i am definitely staying with it.
    Anybody else read it?
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    Have to agree with you, this book was certainly a surprise for me. Given that it was Kirkman I mainly picked it up, in hopes that one day it might be valuable but had almost zero interest in it. I actually decided to read it and it was fantastic. The art was amazing and I will certainly be adding this to my pull list going forward.
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    Got it immediately, and loved the first issue! Good world-building, which I think is key...especially for a new, unestablished world and comic universe.

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    I picked it up and read it and liked it quite a bit, but as I do with many Image series, I pick up first issues to sample then trade wait on the rest if I like it, and will be doing the same here. I just find a lot of series read better by volume than by issue, and this one seems like it will follow that path.

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