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    Impenetrable Coccoon of Feelings


    Weatherman #1
    Last Siege #1
    Proxima Centauri #1
    Shanghai Red #1
    Stellar #1
    Evolution #1
    Hit-Girl #5
    Paper Girls #21
    Analog #3
    Beef #5
    Crude #3
    Curse Words #15
    Days of Hate #6
    Dead Hand #3
    Death of Love #5
    Descender #31
    Dry County #4
    Flavor #2
    Gideon falls #4
    Infidel #4
    Isola #3
    Kill or Be Killed #20
    Monstress #18
    Oblivion #4
    Prism Stalker #4
    Royal City #12
    Saga #53
    Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #36
    VS #5
    The Wicked + the Divine #37
    You are my favorite thing, Peter. My very favorite thing.

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    -Stellar = loved Shutter, art looks great
    -Sex Criminals = Scottie Young XXX cover?!
    -Death or Glory
    -Kill or Be Killed = finale?!? This was supposed to be their longest planned series


    Trade Wait:
    -Paper Girls = switching to hardcover wait with price increase to $4
    -Black Science = hardcover wait
    -Deadly Class
    -Descender = penultimate (was originally targeted as 40 issues)
    -Gideon Falls = first trade is 6 issues for $10
    -Monstress = really hope this gets hardcover treatment
    -Oblivion Song = first trade is 6 issues for $10
    -Port of Earth
    -Walking Dead = switched to trade wait when price increased to $4

    May Trade Wait:
    -Weatherman = if first trade is intro $10
    -Shanghai Red = if first trade is intro $10; intriguing concept
    -Analog = will flip through first issue to decide; first trade is 5 issues for $10
    -Crude = will flip through first issue to decide; was this actually solicited as a 6 issue mini?
    -Dead Hand = will flip through first issue to decide; first trade is 6 issues for $17
    -Realm = depends how I like first trade (flipping through art it looks great)

    Skip Month:
    Bitch Planet, Black Cloud, Black Magick, Black Monday Murders, East of West, Lazarus, Low, Manifest Destiny, Outcast, Redneck, Seven to Eternity
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    western MA beside the CT River


    April choices for June 2018:
    Magic Order 1
    Last Siege 1
    Shanghai Red 1
    Analog 3
    Death or Glory 2
    Days of Hate 6
    Dry Country 4
    Kill or Be Killed 20
    Mage 9
    Stray Bullets 36
    Age/Bronze, Age/Reptiles, Alex&Ada, Anne Bonnie, Astro City, Bone, Cerebus, Criminal, Courtney Crumrin, Eleanor & the Egret, Fables, Fatale, Fell, Green Valley, Goon, Gotham Midnight, Groo, Hellboy, Hillbilly, Jack Staff, Jonah Hex, Kane, Lazarus, Little Nemo, Lone Wolf, Next Wave, Popeye, Powers, Princess Ugg, Rat Queens, SiP, Squirrel Girl, Stray Bullets, 10G, Thief of Thieves, Tuki, Usagi, Velvet

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    So, I just listened to a podcast with Lemire from February, and he said Descender was going to keep going.

    FYI, should be announced shorty, but expect a pivot.

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