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    Default How much do you spend on comic books?

    Playing Ping-Pong using Hinds, Spain's Most Fun Rock group; Hinds, a group from Madrid, is residing the indie-rock fantasy: "We do not need to expire tomorrow to become trendy now."

    The Canadian team Dears, for example, once threatened to sue the group. The problem arose when Hinds, that had begun as Deers (maybe not Dears), was requested by the Canadian group's attorney to change its title to reevaluate confusion. And therefore, grudgingly, Deers became Hinds. "We despise them," says the group's singer and guitarist, Ana Garcia Perrote. "In case you examine this, we hate you! We are never gonna forget it"

    And then there's Kate Moss, who supposedly cold-shouldered the group's members in a music festival. Hinds has not forgotten. "She would not shoot an image," states Perrote. "She said" And read more all about the ping pong

    The very best grudge of all, however, brought Hinds together. The Madrid-based team's origin story might be a rom-com marvel: In 2010, Perrote fulfilled Hinds's other founding member, Carlotta Cosials, as her then-boyfriend was at a group with Cosials's then-boyfriend. Those boys proven to be cheaters. However, Perrote and Cosials became quick friends. They ditched their important others, forming their own group during a 2011 visit to Spain's Mediterranean shore.


    "It was one of the vacations where you don't have anything to do," Perrote recalls. "We chose guitars since we understood how to play 1 chord. We just began playing and playing, and we all forgot how to consume. We did not do anything but perform with this Bob Dylan pay ['It Ain't Me Baby']. We completely fell in love with the sensation of enjoying music."

    The group, originally a duo, picked the title Deers since the Spanish expression for cheating on a spouse--poner los cuernos--literally translates to "to put horns on someone." Worth noting: '' They have come to be substantially more effective than their former boyfriends' band.

    The early shows were awkward: "Only the two of us only playing covers," Perrote states. "If you do a terrible show and you are feeling awful onstage, it is actually the worst thing that you could have." But seven years later that formative beachfront trip, Hinds has transitioned into a playful and proficient indie-rock quartet with a developing American following along with a knack for composing catchy odes to romantic distress. Perrote, 23, and Cosials, 27, discuss lead vocals, combined by 22-year-old Amber Grimbergen on drums and 26-year-old Ade Martin on bass. The debut record, Leave Me Alone, came in ancient 2016 and delivered the group cavorting across the world--playing nightclubs, sleeping on sofas, amassing bizarre excursion tales. "We actually wanted the lifestyle that songs provides youthe egos, the medications, the falling in love always," states Cosials, whose slick, half-whispered vocals are a Hinds signature. "It is true, all that stuff"

    When I match with Hinds in Manhattan Ping-Pong parlor SPiN, co-owned by actress Susan Sarandon, the group is going to launch a spirited second record called I Do not Run (currently available through the Mother + Pop tag at the U.S.). The music is distinguished by brash hooks, Strokes-inspired lo-fi aesthetics and barbed lyrics adorned with rickety, misbehaving guys. (A sample lyric: "Why did you need to kiss me after intercourse? / Should I Have understood before you're banging?")

    There is a Spanish term that sums up the group's lyrical inspiration--desamor--"however, it does not exist in English," Perrote states. "It isn't heartbreak, but..." Bandmate Martin interjects: "The terrible feelings you get when love ends" "It is still about our personal experiences," Perrote adds. The members of this band all live in Madrid, but not collectively. "We discuss everything," Perrote states, "except our homes. And boyfriends."

    The group's influences, moreover Dylan, comprise the Clash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Beach Boys. A career milestone was opening for Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds series in Brooklyn at 2016. Cosials and Grimbergen crack up each other recounting an episode backstage. Seeing Keith Richards, they approached him to get a photograph. He cried, they posted it on Facebook--and suddenly realized it was not Richards whatsoever, only a member of Wilson's group who happened to resemble the Stones guitarist. "This random man!" Grimbergen exclaims while Cosials is laughing too difficult to form paragraphs. (The guitarist turned out to become Blondie Chaplin, a musician who's not Richards but has played with the Rolling Stones.) - For Medium about ping pong table:

    In SPiN, the Spanish rockers link these stories from the street between stressed rounds of Ping-Pong. An early publicity photograph of this Hinds team has them posing with black and red Ping-Pong paddles. They perform frequently during downtime at festivals, at least once they are not coping with medical crises, such as time their tour manager's appendix burst at England's Glastonbury Festival. ("It required Glastonbury just like six hours for him into a hospital," Perrote states. "He actually almost expired")

    The most important Ping-Pong game in history was between Michael Jackson and Prince in 1985. (Prince won easily, and allegedly exclaimed, "He performed Helen Keller!") The 2nd main was between Prince and Jimmy Fallon; Prince won. I am not certain in which the tightly fought match between Perrote and I'd rank on this record, but let the record reflect that I won with a really small margin. Finally, I beat Martin and Cosials until we teamed up for a doubles around.


    After we perform, I am treated to bizarre excursion tales, a few of them comprising super-creepy lovers with bad grasp of bounds. Here is Hinds's strangest tale: Following a gig in Seattle, they jumped in a man lover's grandparents' home while the grandparents were from town. The guy gave them bud, but seemed somewhat strange. After the bandmates went to sleep, things got weirder: "He moved to the area and was glancing at them while they were still sleeping. Super creepy!" Tour supervisor Fiona Campbell states. Martin adds: "We [can] find him, looking at us sleeping"

    Hinds left early the following morning then recognized that the ordeal was a complete stranger. Campbell had presumed he knew among the members, since he had emailed Hinds' shared email address that provides to let them remain, while the remainder of the group had presumed that he had been her friend, since she accepted the offer of lodging.

    Connected: About the brink of madness with Iceage, Denmark's biggest punk ring

    The group resisted this narrative with much laughter and revived, but there's also tacit recognition of the vulnerability of being four young girls browsing an industry plagued by sexist or violent guys. Nevertheless complete, Hinds has discovered audiences more responsive to their own music at the U.S. than back home. Perrote suggests that's to do with all our Riot Grrrl movement and the larger history of women in punk rock. "Spain is such a slower economy," Perrote states. "It takes a lot longer for people to simply respect what you are doing." Martin adds: "In America they actually know who we are and what we're doing. In Spain they want things that show what they need us to establish: that we are good musicians, or that we have been enjoying our instruments eternally."

    It helps that the group's lyrics are in English instead of their native language. "The words which came were English since all of the songs we hear is sung in English," Perrote clarifies. The new name, I Don't Run, was chosen because it appeared to withstand the timeless rock cliches. "We enjoyed believing we were planning to go contrary to all of the rock and roll principles, such as live fast, die young," Perrote states. "We are OK with this. We do not need to expire tomorrow to be trendy now."

    The group also understand how to light up a point, something that I watched first when Hinds played at a crowded Brooklyn club on a chilly Tuesday night in January about best ping pong paddle

    "New York treats us nicely," Cosials states afterwards. "I feel as though New Yorkers have a scarcity of love. And we've got a great deal of love to provide."
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    80-100 a month of new comics(which is probably around 3/4ths DC, 1/4th Marvel for quite a bit now) though i'm trying to cut down, and once in a blue moon I'll pick up a figure or a trade(mostly on a sale or on FCBD)

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    To much... Way to much. But that depend of what is out at that time.

    I'm near 80/100 a month too but if there is some TPB, a lot of variant I want or more comics than generally it can go way higher... And of course during the Comic Con period or when I go to Paris to search for old comics, commissions or figures, It goes so much.
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    From a comic shop? Probably about $30-50 a month. Total, including collecting back issues and trades? Probably about $75-100.
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    I generally limit myself to five or six new comics per month.

    Then, once a year I go to my local con and spend about $100 on trades (with as many for only $5 as I can).

    And then there's the few times during the year where I might buy $50 worth of comics off Amazon or eBay.

    So yeah.

    -Pav, who enjoyed Marvel Unlimited for a couple years too...
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    About $15-$30 a week.

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    About $30 every 2 weeks digitally
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    About 30 pounds a week, which is about 42 dollars I think

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    WAY too much.

    Probably around $20 a week.. so anywhere between 80 and 100 depending on how many Image books come out that month.

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    $10-$20 a week. More if I ordered trades or figures.
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    A lot less then I used to.
    Around $30.00 a month.

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    Depends on the shipments that week. Anywhere from $25-$50 if all of my DC books align. I'll be trying a lot of the new Marvel #1 issues when they come out, so that figure will rise a bit.

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    I try to keep it to around $40.00 a month. Sometimes depending on cheap finds through the dollar bin or eBay it could be about $50.00.

    As of now I have four DC titles but will be dropping to one title soon.
    I will probably keep my three Marvel titles and may actually add one or two more.
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    $100 on floppies, $150-200 on trades/deluxe/omnibus.

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    Usually somewhere around 30-40, varying a little from month to month. I don't buy back issues or trades, only new books.
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    Amazing Spider-Man ~ Death of Inhumans ~ Immortal Hulk ~ Old Man Logan ~ Two-in-One

    Currently anticipating:
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