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    Question New member here with a question on a Canadian Whites Comic.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see an introduction forum so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. Just recently joined and I'm looking forward to future discussions with my fellow comic lovers, so hello!

    I've got a question for those familiar with Canadian Whites. For those that don't know, Canadian Whites were World War 2 era books printed in Canada that featured color covers with black and white interior pages. Many original Canadian heroes were created during this time period, but American comic stories were also used. Because of the 'War Exchange Conservation Act' that restricted the importation of non-essential goods from the USA into Canada however, Canadian publishers would buy the scripts to American stories but completely redraw the artwork so as to get around the law. So while the American stories were the same, the artwork accompanying the stories were completely different to reflect how Canadian artists interpreted the scripts.

    I recently purchased a coverless title featuring Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr, Bulletman, Ibris and Golden Arrow stories which I was told was a Canadian White. Upon further investigation however, the artwork for each story in this book is identical to the American books the scripts are taken from. For example, the Captain Marvel & Golden Arrow stories are taken from America's Whiz Comics #60- but panel for panel, the artwork is identical to the American book.

    So, here's where I need assistance. Can anyone identify this book and confirm that it is in fact a Canadian White? The cover and first couple wraps are missing so I'm unable to find out more but the seller insists it was a Canadian White. Was I wrong in assuming that all Canadian Whites have different interior artwork from their American counterparts? Any help would be appreciated, so thanks in advance.



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