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    I give the First Order this much: before their superweapon was destroyed, they at least got to use it against a military target and effectively wipe out the heart of the Republic. That's more than either Death Star ever accomplished against the Alliance.

    I'm not going to compare their destruction of the New Republic of course to Palpatine's destruction of the Old Republic, as the First Order took out a governmental body only 30-something years old wheres Sidious meticulously dismantled one which was many thousands of years old. But giving the First Order the win on the superweapon side of things is more than fair.
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    They're still pretty much on top-although half their leaders and the fleet chasing the resistance was largely destroyed, they managed to pretty much wipe out the resistance fleet/base, and as Rey says they're pretty much taking over much of the galaxy, presumably with other fleets.

    Funny thing is, they really could've just sent the Dreadnought instead of taking the time to ready Starkiller, as the base wound up getting destroyed anyway.
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