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    So I'm obsessed with the Star Citizen game. Let me rephrase that. I'm obsessed with the DEVELOPMENT of the game. It's raised over 170 million dollars and has been in development for over five years and it's still in alpha. In fact it doesn't even have female character models yet. This year they updated to Alpha 3.0 and now have quarterly updates. Despite this the game is known for it's below 20 fps frame rates regardless of the machine it's on. So anyone here a backer or just have strong opinions on SC?

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    I stopped following the game for a while up until the last CitizenCon. Got me hyped up all over again and I've been following the updates on the game every few days or so since then. Development has really picked up the pace since last December. The only thing that's really keeping me away from the game even in it's early state is the FPS, but update 3.2 and 3.3 should address that. If it does, I'll probably jump in then.

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