I loved Crossgen comics, it was a universe I was immediately drawn into. My favorite titles were The First, Negation and Scion but I also enjoyed Solus, Sigil, Crux and Sojurn. The crowning epic to tie all of these good books together was the Negation War which was a White Walker like invasion that forced the heroes of this universe to band together for survival. Unluckily the company went bankrupt before it finished. This being the most active and populated comics board I frequent, I was curious if any one knew how it ended? I have asked a couple of creators associated with Crossgen at the time and they either legit didn't recall or maybe it was sour grapes over a payment issue. It is like an unsolved mystery to me. Disney bought the rights but have next to 0 interest in the property so asking you guys may be the only way to know how it ends. I fear I might never know the end of Negation War like I might not ever truly know the end of Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire.