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    Ahh. See, I recall virtually nothing from One Million, it was before I came back to comics, so this information helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superlad93 View Post
    If he's acknowledging one million as a part of his continuity, then he'll only outlive them for a couple hundred centuries then bring his wife back back along with his dead home world and birth parents.

    It would be fascinating if Snyder thinks he'll lose them all again and finally have that lonely end catch up to him. I wouldn't mind that depending on how it's written.

    But the reason I think the smart money is on Manhunter is because Snyder is pushing him as leader of the League, he's historically known for being the soul of nearly every League incarnation, and DC 1 million has him fuse with Mars and remain immortal.

    I'd like it to be Superman, but I fully expect it to be Manhunter, and only half expect a new future Leaguer who has vague callbacks to the older members.
    I'd be OK if it's Martian Manhunter. Everybody except Batman as Sacred suggested.

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