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    Ceratinly. Lets all wish America into the cornfield and replace it wit a more humanitarian state like Iran or Cuba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbm721 View Post
    Really? “No!” Without any explanation why and just transition to your point. Your point is valid too. I agree Hitler mastered propaganda but it wasn’t “just” that. Hunger, stress, anxiety among the Germans caused by the post versailles treaty economy allowed them to be more easily manipulated by the allure of Nazi party led by Hitler.
    Yeah Germany got totally fucked after WWI. Hitler was the guy who turned that around and made Germany feel empowered again after going through an economic crisis that makes 2008/2009 look like a hiccup. They were more than willing to turn their heads at his crazier and questionable rhetoric and later actions because as long as it didn’t effect them, it was better than what they were dealing with. It wasn’t right, but it’s not hard to see the mindset when you read up on how bad Germany was at the timeZ

    Trump is mostly a power fantasy for a segment of the country who feels like they are becoming irrelevant. This is there big difference. Trump is the natural extension of the Tea Party being allowed unchecked and lip service politics on the Republican. Eventually the monster couldn’t be tamed.

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    With all do respect its pretty clear from reading this thread that most posters are Americans.

    I dont think the world would be a better place, but I dont think it would be a especially worse place either.

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