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    What major story elements is he ignoring outside of the Jor-El introduction flub (which isn't that big a deal)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Superlad93 View Post
    While I doubt Kara will be joining them given she'll be off finding the galactic systemic failings that allowed Zaar to do what he did and continues to do, I wouldn't be surprised if Eradicator joined in. I'd be interested in seeing Clark and Zod find some common ground before returning to their differences. I'd also like to see Lois get in on that Doctor Who companion style, but I'm also waiting to see what her story in Action will be because that might end up being way more interesting for her.
    Oh I'm not expecting Supergirl to be involved right away due to her mission in her own book. But I do expect things to converge eventually. I have little doubt we'll see at least one crossover situation out of this between the titles. So I'm thinking more later on down the line.
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    Is the Jor-El thing even a flub when last run Jurgens, Tomasi, and Johns were the architects of one of the single biggest changes to Superman's broadly recognized continuity since ever: Jor-El being alive and a temporary a villain. Is it so out of the question that a new creative team writing a new book designed as a jumping on point wants to reintroduce Jor-El because, again, this this is the most drastic change to the character ever?

    I personally don't think so. I still felt like Clark, Lois, and Jon still remembered him. Lois even has an "oh" moment even before he shows himself, and she explains that she already guessed it was him. Clark casually acts like the main issue is Jor-El not calling first. Jon says "I forget, do I call him grandpa" as if they've met, but he's not sure where his parents stand with their relationship with him.

    The only actual change in how Jor-El seems to talk, imo. He seems to be something of coot. He's got this booming heightened way of speaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    Its supposed to be grating because its a grating, bad memory that he can't shake. And in this instance, it cost him as he let his mind wander and that's how Zaar took the initiative we saw in #1000. So I'm cool with it.
    Yeah, I was surprised that somewhere between 2 and 3 I realized that annoyed feeling meant it was working correctly. It's a very awkward panic that is pretty well done if infamous by now.

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    Wait, do people seriously think Bendis forgot the family had met Jor-El? As if Jor-El showing up as we last saw him and everyone responding with "oh, you" wasn't something of a tipoff? What on Earth could have reasonably made it more explicit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truman Burbank View Post
    Bendis has a rep for that, and Didio will indulge it. That he's already ignoring major story elements from just six months ago doesn't ease my fears about where things might be going.
    This is really the ONLY real worry I have. Thankfully it's been minimal.
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