View Poll Results: Is DC knocking it out of the park right now?

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    38 35.85%
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  • NOT SURE! But I'm feeling confident about the current direction!

    34 32.08%
  • NOT SURE! But I'm feeling skeptical about the current direction!

    22 20.75%
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    I don't think they're knocking it out of the park across the board, but there are very few (if any) eras where they actually do. There is usually some great stuff mixed with a lot of standard fare and outright crap.

    Right now, they have King on Batman and Mr. Miracle (which I am trade waiting, but have heard nothing but great things about), Bendis is doing surprisingly well on Superman so far after a boring couple years for that character in Rebirth, Snyder's Justice League #1 was very good and I am eager for more, what little I read of Doomsday Clock was the best work Johns has put out in years so I will be keeping tabs on that and getting the trade when it comes out, and their various imprints are great: it's a shame Young Animal is going on hiatus but I love that they tried it, The Wild Storm is great, and I'm eager to see the Black Label and others. And Morrison being rumored to come on board Green Lantern is fantastic as well. I feel like they have some great books/have some great ones in the pipe, and a lot of solid/standard fare ones but nothing completely bad aside from the Titans and Robinson on Wonder Woman, though thankfully the latter will be leaving soon.

    The continuity/timeline is a nightmare, but it's been once since the first Crisis. They are beyond the point where they could satisfactorily fix that. Just tell good stories that work first and foremost in their own context, and get the broad strokes right, and we should be good.

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    I'd say yes. I love that DC is composed of many, many imprints, and they're growing. There is alway room for improvement, but I like the state of DC now. I just wish they would keep Young Animal.

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