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    Quote Originally Posted by millernumber1 View Post
    As OP, I tried to make it as clear as possible with ENJOYMENT is in the title that at least SOME element of enjoyment should be the guiding principle. If you want a King hate thread, there are plenty (the King vs. Snyder thread, for one). There's a clear difference between "you don't have to ONLY enjoy" and "sure, come in and hate on King." You highlight the "not wholly appreciative" but completely ignore "isn't just a bunch of I hate this" section.

    Obviously, this isn't an appreciation thread, so we're not saying "Only blind love of King is allowed" - far from it. I've posted about some of my particular problems with the first arc, and as I move through my reread, I'll post more. But I'm just really puzzled at what you hoped to achieve, saying "Honestly don't understand how you people can enjoy this" - not only is it completely lacking in any enjoyment, but it's also treating people who do enjoy it as "you people."
    I outlined that I picked up the trade after a long absence from Batman and my reasons for it. I explained why I did not enjoy the book. As I (and others) have done with other books, films etc. when posting on a forum. Normally the response from other posters is to a)ask for further clarification or b) explain what they enjoyed about the book/film/story etc.

    You claim that this is not about a universal love for King’s work . But your reaction in choosing to chastise me and propensity to take offense shows the exact opposite is the case.

    I’ll send the mod a request to change the name of the thread "To appreciation" and update my settings.
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    Sorry to all - should have followed my own policy and let the thread pass around the issue, instead of engaging.
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