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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendOfTheAngryBlonde View Post
    This could work. I like this premise a lot.

    Wouldn't be that hard to sell that the mass extinction from Thanos' finger snap and/or the (insert person/thing/event that undoes it in A4) would be enough to trigger people's latent X-gene.
    Exactly! And then, boom, M-Day is undone and mutants start popping up. Also, it makes a lot of folks angry as they begin to find out that the government and SHIELD, or at least Fury, were complicit in the cover up. So more drama and mistrust, especially from the mutant side. Explains why they've got such a chip on their shoulder and the sudden (re)emergence of them explains why they're so hated and feared by normal folks.

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    Even if Comcast some how ends up with Fox, likely they will work with Disney like Sony is doing with Spider-man.

    The way I'd introduce mutants would be having the Brotherhood and Rogue appear in a Captain Marvel sequel. Instead of mutants first appearing as heroes, they're villains. The world of the MCU sees them as dangerous and destructive and Mystique sends Rogue to attack and nearly kill Carol.

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