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    Quote Originally Posted by stephens2177 View Post
    These are as much my characters as yours,so no,I will get this,cause a lot of my favorites are right there on the cover,and I don't miss these big even stories for anything.

    Now for the rest,some on here clearly need a outlet for their issues,and have decided comics is where they will let it all out,I'm all for it,just not when it could and has potentially "broke" a character,characters that are not owned or created by King,and many are multi billion dollar IPs,not just paper and ink,for his need for a outlet for his personal problems.

    And I would rather watch some wrestling then cute Lil plays any day friend.
    DC's characters have survived worse than this. I seriously doubt this will be what brings them down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonTodd428 View Post
    Honestly since they've made it apparent that Wally, Booster and Harley are all suspects I think its pretty much a given that none of them are indeed the murderer here and that someone else is. A someone who is likely to be attempting to frame the aforementioned trio because it will keep the authorities distracted long enough for whomever did it to get away and possibly because the three of them have wronged the true culprit somehow. Seems to me that a lot of people are jumping to conclusions when we literally have very little to go on and when solicits are oftentimes very misleading.
    Sure they probably are not the killers, but how much is King going to drag the characters threw the mud before he clears them in his story. He already pissed all over booster in just 3 issues of his Batman run so I hate seeing him use him anymore and further drag him down. God forbid what he is going to do to poor Wally.

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