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    Infinity Wars #3
    Avengers 7 & 8
    Champions #24
    Thor #5
    Daredevil #608
    Black Panther #4
    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #35
    Ms Marvel #34
    Silver Surfer Annual #1
    Death of the Inhumans #3

    Iron Man #4

    that's a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post

    Full solicitations out, might as well rename the company from Marvel Entertainment to Cosmic Ghost Rider Entertainment lol
    Are some books double shipping in order to wrap a story and end a series as Marvel is doing their Rebranding with #1s for a "bold new era" schtick yet again?
    That's what I feel but I'm open to other possibilities. Cause loophole to my thought is ASM, Avengers & Immortal Hulk which just started anew.

    Amazing Spider-man #5/6
    Avengers #7/8
    BR: Scarlet Spider #23/24
    Immortal Hulk #5/6
    PP:Spectacular Spider-man #309/310
    Spider-man/Deadpool #38/39
    X-Men Blue #35/36
    X-Men Gold #35/36
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    Blue and Gold always double ship - them ending isn't anything to do with that - and Avengers is 18 a year so will double ship 50% of the time, I think ASM is as well.

    Spider-Man/Deadpool must be nearly done, as Despicable Deadpool's ending means it should be unable to carry on (Wade wiped his memory back to a point before Duggan's run started, and as such, he'll forget his friendship with Spidey).

    Spec still has legacy numbering so a relaunch wouldn't surprise me.

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