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    More or less, I want more of what we got. I want for Sina to continue his plans and goals for Bobby and the people around him, continuing to expand and expound on who he now is and he how deals with it, and that includes the things he's learning to do with his powers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anduinel View Post
    No Zack.
    I definitely don't want Sina Grace to leave that little plot line hanging, so I'mma have to disagree. I definitely want more Zach so we can lead to some development for the character in a more positive direction.

    Really, I kinda see Zach as Bobby's mutant charge, in a way. Straight up dropping Zach would just look bad all around.

    If there's one criticism I have for the first book, it's how Zach's designated butt monkey treatment even back during his first appearance seemingly helped fuel his turn to heel under Daken; it's like the poor kid was doomed, and I really started feeling bad for him in a meta sense. I'd even argue that had Bobby kept a closer eye and formed a closer bond with the Zach, that would have helped avert much of Zach's issues that led to the turn. (EDIT The story implies this a bit and also has Bobby admit it to Daken, but not enough to not leave it up to where time was taken out to try to correct things with Zach, and all in all Zach went from the designated butt monkey to the essentially designated villain, largely off screen. So as of now, I consider Zach to be one of Bobby's failures as a mutant teacher and mentor and hope that eventually gets rectified when the time presents itself.

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    All this !!!!1 I honestly don't know why Kitty is getting so much panel time, i would love to see other lgbt+ take up her panel time
    Because Kitty was one of Bobby's ex-girlfriends who he can interact with and also because Kitty's proximity makes her convenient to use.

    Given time, I'd imaine his other ex-girlfriends would get their own panel time, but Kitty being in the position she's in, while he's at the school, she makes for a convenient "sidekick" of sorts to Bobby. Her leading X-Men Gold during the time also likely helped with the decision.

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    Daken stabbed bobby's boyfriend, no no no no no no to daken
    That, in addition to Daken corrupting Zach, makes me wonder why so many people would want that in the upcoming volume. It would look really bad on different levels, including inter-series continuity, and "bad decisions Bobby" should have more of a short term memory than to forget/bluntly forgive all of that.
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    I myself would like to see Rogue and Cannonball show up in his book. I really love their dynamic with each other. Heck throw in Human Torch and let the four of them have a zany adventure

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    I wanna see CLOUD!!

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