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    I was about to search for a preview then I saw Slott's plea. Ok then. I'll go one better, before I flip the pages I cover the right-hand page with paper so that as I read the left-hand page my eyes won't inadvertently see the panels through my peripheral vision. It's a thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
    Quick question: why has giving away 1/4 of a comic as a "preview" become an acceptable marketing tactic? Much like long trailers/previews of movies that give away key plot points, I think it is too much of a peek behind the curtain and ruins the experience as opposed to a true teaser (which is always much shorter) which whets the appetite. But this sadly has become the norm lately----any ideas as to why TPTB allow this?
    We usually get 3 or 4 pages, not 5. Something's not right here.

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    Damn! Got to this thread after seeing the preview, otherwise I'd have skipped it. I will say that the preview looked excellent, both art and story.
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    Dan the man, I'll avoid the preview and read it all in one go.

    Wouldn't want it any other way.

    I'm expecting something really memorable similar ASM#655.

    I was never the biggest fan of your run, but occasionally you produced something really great like Spider-Island, Superior Spider-Man or Go Down Swinging,... And you certainly left your mark on the Spider-Mythos.

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