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    Default Dark Phoenix vs Dr. Strange

    Dark Phoenix of X-men the Last Stand takes on MCU Cumberbatch Dr. Strange.

    Strange seemed to have had a difficult time with telekinesis... how does he fare against this mutant telekinetic?

    Battle is in the same NYC street, only Ebony Maw is replaced with Dark Phoenix Jean.

    No BFR.

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    Strange might be able to do some teleporting shenanigans, but I don't think that he has shown any psychic defenses (though if he's mastered his astral form he might hold her off enough to keep her from making him shut off his Infinity Stone).

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    Phoenix vaporizes him when the bell rings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiderClops View Post
    Phoenix vaporizes him when the bell rings.
    Yeah, this. Strange doesn't have a lot of natural defense. Anything he can use to protect himself takes a split second longer than just thinking "dead" like Jean can do.
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