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    Default Ultimate Single-Issue Comic Collection [Suggestions]

    I'm looking to build a comic book collection, I've started with Amazing Spider-Man (Currently collected Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #400->Current with a bunch of mid-300 and late 200 issues scattered in the collection) and I have a few key issues in reprint or original form and it got me thinking about what would be the Ultimate key issue collection if money was no object. My current idea has some of the following:

    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Issue 1
    Amazing Fantasy 15
    Amazing Spider-Man #300 (First Venom)
    Action Comics #1
    Superman #75 (Death of Superman)

    What would you add to build the best key issue collection?

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    I hope you're looking at this as an investment of any kind...

    I just get stories I like from writers I like, not random "important" stories.
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