When I got back into comics about 10 years ago, with about a 25 year gap in knowledge, my best friend was Wikipedia. There's so many short but sweet snyopsis about all these various events, etc... If you really want to know why character X is now dead, what happened to him/her, why did they go evil and then now are good again, etc... Wiki would be a quick way to go. See what's happened to Hal Jordan or Scott Summers or Logan or whomever you liked/think you'll like. Granted there will be some spoilers there, but if it interests you then you can go down that rabbit hole to either see what has been collected in physical books or digital.

I rolled through all the Marvel events I had missed, and then eventually got them all in physical form to read them one after another, as an example. It's also how I got intrigued by certain things I missed and decided, "yeah, that sounds like something I would like" and got the trades where available - for me that was Justice League International/America/Europe stuff from the 80's. ;-)