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    Default Project Superpowers Appreciation Thread

    Okay - so issue #0 for the new series is out, and I have to say I'm very pleased. If you're a fan of Project Superpowers when it originally came out (the Chapter 1 and 2 with related minis and ongoings), then you're going to be happy with this. If you've never read the characters before and are just looking to try the title out -- then you should find this suitable.

    Basically, it provides a pretty seamless recap of the story of them being interred in the urn, and leaves it open as to what happened when they were freed. The actual state of Death Defying Devil, however, seems pretty directly related to how he was left at the end of Chapter 2 - so if you're a long time fan of the property (like I am), then this is easily read as the further adventures of the original series. And, again, if you're completely new to the characters, then no worries, everything is presented straight up new, where you can jump in w/o having any prior experience of any of them.

    This is what I as a fan of Project Superpowers have been waiting to see. It's been a long time coming, but well done Dynamite.

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    Liked Chapter Three #0. Nice recap & setup for this next volume.

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