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    I'm 100% certain that the letters Ma Gunn found at the time Biz busted through the wall in that issue were genuine and that Solitary wouldn't have known about them at that time. However the building did sit empty while Ma Gunn was in jail and the letters didn't come to Jason directly from her hand either. She sent them supposedly to her granddaughter so there was opportunity for Solitary to potentially swap out of even add a letter to the pile. I'm not suggesting that this is indeed what happened here. Everything could very well be on the up and up but all I'm saying is its just as possible that this entire thing is a set up using just enough truth to get Jason to believe that Penguin is responsible for his life back then going to crap.

    To be honest though it's really Willie's fault since he made the choice to hench in the first place. Penguin was only part of the reason.
    And this exactly why Jason going out of his way to shoot Penguin is stupid, making it so Penguin survives the whole thing is just the cherry on the top of an already crappy cake.

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    The character is not omnipotent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aioros22 View Post
    The character is not omnipotent.
    Neither infallible nor always choosing the right course of action. He can messup, and he does. So if he did choose poorly going full against Cobblepot, he did mess up. Even if one can understand from a cold and far place that it was Willis own decision to work as a henchman. But Jason was shocked, hurt and highly emotional, and we know how blinded he can be, in a meticulous and cold way, even. It's in character.

    It's like how Dick often chooses the wrong words to say when he's hurt and emotional, or how Tim can be very bitter when he's hurt.
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