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    I honestly don't believe this big conspiracy over who left and who is involved is true. I think it's just as simple as, "Slott didn't want to write them as a couple." He didn't hate the character, he just didn't feel she was necessary, and so wrote her out whenever he didn't need her. Of course, most of those reasons he wrote did end up being really out of character, but that's not exclusive to her, that's a problem with most others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidercide View Post
    Let's put some things in perspective.

    Marvel is not a stagnate monolith.

    When Spider-Man fans were being trolled over OMD or the Peter/MJ relationship it happened under Quesada and Alonso's regimes as EIC. Quesada hated the marriage obviously and Alonso was a right hand Yes man to him essentially his chosen successor. In many respects Alonso's regime was an extention of Quesada's. Hell he even did Civil War II!

    Alonso didn't gracefully bow out and choose his successor. He was either given the boot or strongly suggested to leave. Cebulski was not one of his lieutenants to my knowledge and is a different animal to both Quesada or Alonso. Despite his controversial past with posing under a fake name, he is not a troller or an insulter of the readers like Alonso or Quesada were and his regime thus far has not revealed itself to be like that.

    Unlike both men he is also a writer. Alonso was not a writer and Quesadas was an artist with pretensions of grandeur. His work also hinted at being sympathetic towards the Spider Marriage.

    Lower down the totem pole you have Nick Lowe. Is Nick Lowe an antagonizer like Wacker was? No. The worst thing you can say about Lowe is that he didn't do ENOUGH editing, though that might have been due to being unable ot edit such a big name like Slott was. However it WAS under his tenure that we got Renew Your Vows and more direct references and pot shots taken at to OMD than under Wacker.

    Finally the writers.

    First of all Spencer is an objectively better writer than Slott. HYDRACap was a mistake for sure, but his overall bibliography reveals him as incredibly skilled. He re-read every Spider-Man story in preparation for this job. He loves Stern and DeMatteis two powerhouse Spider-Man writers. Slott's faovurite Spider-Man book growing up was the slightly more advanced crappy Saturday Morning Cartoon fest that was Marvel Team Up which wasn't even a proper Spider-Man book, it was a vehicle for guest stars.

    Slott was also the single biggest perpertator of trolling the spider marriage fans. He did it in the stories, he did it in interviews, he did it on this messageboard. He did it literally on page 1 of the first post-OMD issue ASM #546. The. First. Page.

    Slott is gone now.

    MOST of the key architects that made the situation bad are gone.

    Does that gurantee this isn't a trick?


    But it makes it the best chance that it isn't in over 10 years.

    And I refuse to live without hope and give up because dammit Spider-Man himself wouldn't.

    That was awesome! Well said!
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