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    Since he came up, well, I'd absolutely give Nicieza the X-Men again. Secret Wars AoA was one of the more fun X-Men comics I've read in some years. Or Joe Casey. Frankly, I think Marvel has had most of the "right" people at one point or another. In the case of a Scott Snyder though, it'll be a few years until they can try pulling him. I'm sure many at DC dreamed of getting Bendis over ten years ago.

    Having Gail Simone write Marvel again is pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigTheCylon View Post
    Most of the guys you mentioned are big enough names that they only do work when they want to.
    Never mind that Ellis has The Wild Storm going at DC.

    I'm not really seeing anything you could throw at him that would compete with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Warren View Post
    Wilson still owed DC a book. So they're not taking her away from Marvel. She's been obliged to write a book for DC for awhile now. She isn't leaving Marvel.
    Yeah, it's not a DC exclusive deal. If we're giving DC that, we have to give Marvel Gail Simone and Christopher Priest.

    Quote Originally Posted by nnelg View Post
    Fabian Nicieza is who they should get and give him the X-men. Also Scott Lobdell.
    Given his history of sexual harassment, I'd rather leave Scott Lobdell as part of Marvel's past.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Ronin View Post
    That indicates that there profit per unit is roughly the same, and that Marvel putting out more books than DC is the only reason they have the appearance of doing better. Basically put nether one of them is doing poorly compared to each other when it comes to unit sells.
    I think it's a different strategy for each. DC wants higher sales per book, Marvel is happier with more books instead. Both are viable strategies and it certainly doesn't indicate Marvel is hurting economically when compared to the industry as a whole.
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    One writer I'd like to see Marvel give more work to is Jim Zub. Everything he touches, he does an impeccable job on.

    I first noticed him on his Uncanny Avengers run and obviously he was a key part of No Surrender and his current run on The Champions is one of the best books out there.

    He just has such a deft handle on pacing and characterization.

    I mean, Mark Waid is no slouch - he's one of the greatest comic writers ever, in my opinion - but Zub's Champions has been head and shoulders above Waid's run (to be fair, it's with soio characters that Waid really shines). So the more they give Zub to do, the better. He seems to have a full slate with indie gigs but any chance Marvel has to offer him work, they should take it. I feel like he's on the cusp of a huge break out book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduinel View Post
    I'd trade Soule away for Tynion. Otherwise, largely agreed.
    I'd love to get Tynion on an X-Men ongoing since he loves them so

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    For me it's 50/50, the quality of some of the fresh start titles from Marvel such as Immortal Hulk, Venom, Amazing Spider-Man, Sentry and X-23 really surprised me in a good way (and I can't wait for the FF relaunch). Same for DC, I love the Justice League by Snyder, Mister Miracle by King, Deathstroke by Priest and the Superman by Bendis, the announcement of Wilson on Wonder Woman is a great news and if the rumor about Grant Morrison's Green Lantern is true I'm going to be really happy.

    If only Hickman could come back to Marvel and relaunch the Uncanny X-Men that would be great. But yeah as CraigTheCylon said, many of the writers listed in the OP are really big names and they do work when they want to but with Cebulski as the new EIC I'm sure he's going to find some new great talents or make sure some of the biggest writers will write some new stories for Marvel in the future.

    My dream would be for Brubaker or Priest to write the new Wolverine ongoing next year but yeah there is like 1% chance it's going to happen lol.
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    I've already read the OP four times and I'm still looking for this so called juggernaut team at DC that will supposedly crush Marvel. Will look further since it might be very well hidden.

    Not sure if there are that many people with good books coming out that CB absolutely needs. Fresh Start has been pretty damn great except for Avengers, which is very very boring. Otherwise, Marvel has been going pretty well. I'd wait for the development of the new titles before writing them off as been utterly defeated by DC somehow.
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