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    Default DIE! DIE! DIE! By Robert Kirkman

    Suprise. Robert Kirkman has another new series and no one knew it was coming.

    I shops for it based on their orders for Oblivion Song.

    The series revolves around a secret order with in the government that gets shit done through murder blackmail and fixing dog races.

    It the lead is a female senator and three highly trained secret agent brothers.

    It's bloody, vulgar and a whole lot of fun. It's a tiny bit of Y The Last Man mixed with the something from Mark Millar's twisted mind.

    Who read it?
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    I quite liked it. It gave a decent enough set up that i'll probably check out #2 to see how things develop past that initial twist.

    Felt VERY Mark Millar-y to me.
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    I got it. I liked it well enough to see where it goes. Not as much as Oblivion Song though, which is a more creative series IMO.
    I liked the art, but it seemed to have to looks, the scenes that take place in the field have a clean, almost Frank Quitely look, which i liked. The scenes with the Senator were coarser,
    I suppose they are trying for an effect with the different looks, but i would prefer if the whole book was done in the cleaner style.
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