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    Quote Originally Posted by Basara View Post
    Gamers! is a nice comedy about a group of 5 friends who love video games, and jumping to the wildest conclusions imaginable. It's funny, sweet, and enjoyable thus far. I hope there will be a second season.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gray Lensman View Post
    Second for Gamers! I can't believe I forgot that one. Although it's just old enough you might have already seen it.
    Here's another vote for Gamers! which I've enjoyed. On the other end of the spectrum (kinda sorta) is New Game! (Crunchyroll) which is about a talented group of cute young women at a video game company working to create a hit game. Sweet, warm and funny, it's a highly pleasant series that's currently into it's second season.

    Meanwhile, I can't believe I had forgotten Amanchu! (Crunchyroll), one of THE most delightful slice of life shows I've watched in quite a few years. Set in a quiet, seaside town, the show revolves around Futaba, a shy and painfully insecure girl from the big city who attracts the attention of Hikari, a relentlessly cheerful ball of energy who strikes up a friendship with Futaba and talks her into joining the high school's scuba club. A charming show that's also into a second season.
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    Well, finally finished catching up on Dragon Ball Super. (yeah i know, pretty late)

    My, my, my, not sure how i feel about all that for being honest. Great job on Vegeta and on the 18/Krillin relationship, really loved how they handled that but good god, Goku is so freaking unlikable in that stuff.

    I don't know, many things are done pretty nicely but so, so many weird decisions from the writers. (and don't make me start on Piccolo, just don't please, it makes me sad)

    Ah well, overall i did enjoy watching it but i sure scratched my head quite a few times, wondering what in all hell was going on with the writing. (and the visual, like, man, gee, really?)

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