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    They don't need 'fixing', but they want a bit of complexity. They should not be an absolute monarchy; the ancient societies on which they were modeled were more politically interesting than that. There should be factions, a council of some sort, internal politics there. Perez showed us glimpses of that; it should be fleshed out.

    Amazons should be like Kryptonians and Daxamites, a race of super-humans. Wonder Woman should be first among equals, not towering over the rest of them by special divine favor. Still, the notion that any woman can become an Amazon by training and application also should be there.
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    World building and fleshing out is really the current answer. I mean, we've been shown there are (at one point in the New 52) Amazons all over the world (by way of Demon Knights and Odyssey of the Amazons) is that still somewhat canon or are we back to the only Amazon having left the island is Diana? Then there's the Bana...what's their history? I am hoping that part of Orlando's story will reset the Amazons of Themyscira back into the "real" world and that Wilson will follow up with that as well. Diana doesn't need to be in the same line as Superman and Batman...having no family to visit. It's one of the things that always set her in nice contrast to both of her contemporaries, having a full family behind her, not just the ones she found after the fact.

    I agree with both of these suggestions!

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    Since it is currently canon in the DC Universe that the amazons are stuck in the stone age. The fastest way to update them is for the Olympians to return and give up their corporeal bodies, and transfer all their powers to the amazons. Let Olympus ruled by Themis and other Titans rule in their absence for now. Hence, every amazon will have a basic power set, a few specialize in each dog, which will be the priestesses, and the head priestess will be Hippolyta, Antiope (to return), and Donna Troy; kind of a warrior sorceress. This way they can still keep their way of life, and still be powerful.

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