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    Default Best way to start reading/collecting Hellboy books?

    Iím going to start collecting the Hellboy books, but I am not sure on what format is the best. I have already decided I wont be getting the omnibusís as I am not a fan of the format.

    My choice is between the TPBís or the Library editions.
    From my brief research it seems like both the TPBís and Library editions donít have a cover gallery. For me this is a huge disappointment as I love the artwork from these books. Can someone please confirm this?
    The advantages of going for the library editions is that I have read that the paper and binding quality is superior to the TPBs and the books are bigger (more artwork). Disadvantages are they are a bit more pricier and heavier. Also the art on the cover is quite small compared to the TPBS.

    In regards to the TPBS, they are cheaper and not so heavy, and they have a full cover of artwork. The downside I hear is that the binding is poor in some of the books with pages falling out.
    So my question to all Hellboy fans is Ė what do you think is the best format to read/collect these books? Library editions or TPBS?
    Btw this is for the main hellboy books but I think I will continue with the other books in the universe as well

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    Just a word of warning, if you plan on collecting the trades. Now that the omnibuses are out, there won't be any new printings of the trades (aside from Volume 9 as a tie-in with the upcoming film). The library editions will remain in print though.

    It's mainly older trades (from the early 2010s) that had the binding problem. The newer print runs seemed to have fixed this issue.

    Personally, I'm a library edition guy. They expanded sketchbook sections are simply enormous and I always enjoy reader Mike Mignola's end notes.

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